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Re-using courses

A great deal of teachers want to re-use their course content from year to year. This section describes some of the methods of reusing courses and course content. The precondition is that you have a finished course with content. The methods may differ somewhat based on how the participants are added to the course. Some schools use an external student administrative system to add participants to the courses. Others add the participants manually. Some schools automatically create courses for the teachers finished with participants, but with no content.

Re-using content if you add participants manually

If you add participants yourself, you are free to use whatever method you want. A common option is to use the archive function. Save the old course to the archive. You do this by clicking the Courses. tab, check the box in front of the course, and then clicking Save in archive.

Why archive a course? It is recommended to archive finished courses. This implies that the courses are removed from the main page and the shortcuts list. No information is lost in the courses, and archived courses can be retrieved from the archive any time.

You can see archived courses by using the filter list:

The next step is to "clean up" the course by removing existing participants, assignment answers and so on. When this is done, you have a course without participants that can be re-used for another class. To retrieve the course from the archive, you have to enter the course, then click Settings, Properties, and Retrieve from archive. You can now start adding new participants. Remember to make sure that old deadlines and time spans are corrected. 

Re-using content in a pre-made course with participants

If your school or organisation creates a course for you with participants, you cannot retrieve a course from the archive directly. However, you can import the content from archived courses into the course that is added for you by your school.

The method for moving and copying content between courses is described in this topic: Element management. Basically, in the old course, you select the content you want to move and transfer it to the main (root) folder of the new course. It is recommended that you use the Copy to function when importing the content to the new course. This ensures that you leave a copy of the content in the old course.